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Sandra Garson is an Ivy-educated, world traveling writer/researcher, Buddhist and caterer dedicated to shedding light on this dark age of food ignorance by sharing the world’s greatest wealth: food wisdom.

For more than 40 years, she’s been collecting it. Now as a food historian and cooking teacher, she helps people see how “hospital” and “hospitality” are interconnected--like life, love and food, how everything in our lives depends on what we eat. She is the author of many articles as well as the highly praised Veggiyana, the Dharma of Cooking (Wisdom Publications, 2011) and How to Fix a Leek...And Other Food From Your Farmers’ Market 

Sandra continually updates at her blog: She’s founder and President of the Buddhist food charity Veggiyana and he posts on Facebook as Prima Dharma Cook.

The Health Wyze Report spreads free health information across the internet, teaching people to take control of their own health. Health Wyze believes that relying on doctors and pharmaceutical companies to dictate health care has resulted in epidemics of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and many more.

The Health Wyze Report is the credible source for alternative health information. Be sure to check out their new book, "Defy Your Doctor And Be Healed".

Tawny Methuen is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) with a B.Sc. in chemistry. She is the founder of Nutrition is Medicine and aims to educate her readers on healthy living and proper nutrition. She covers topics such as natural skin care, different types of healthy diets, cooking, recipes, and more! You can find Nutrition is Medicine on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. You can also subscribe to Nutrition is Medicine to keep up to date with all her articles!

Anya V Hot

Anya V is a writer, a blogger and a founder at The Living Traditionally website is an extension of her passion for living healthy in mind, body and spirit in an unhealthy world.

Through hands-on experience, relentless research and a burning desire for truth, Anya has become a well respected leader and an educator in her field.

Aicacia Young is a Registered Dietitian in Austin, Texas, with training in Functional Medicine. Her love of nutrition and her passion for rock climbing led her to create Climb Healthy, an online health resource for outdoor enthusiasts and extreme athletes. She hopes to inspire others to conquer their fears, push their limits, and pursue their dreams in the healthiest way possible. If you'd like to receive her FREE Top 10 Recovery Meals eBook, you can claim yours here. If you'd like to learn more about her Rock Climbing Nutrition eBook, click here.

Hey there! We are Tim and Mary from 17 Apart — our little corner of the blog world where we love to share the things that make us tick, diy projects, recipes, the antics of our 4 year old weimaraner puppy, and a few surprises from time to time. We hope you’ll stop by and join our adventure.

Elisha is the founder and owner of My Health Maven. Elisha turned her debilitating illness from mercury poisoning (My Story) into a dedicated passion to helping others. My Health Maven website covers a wide range of topics including non-toxic living, health tests at home, healing power of foods, home remedies, food ingredients, dental health and environmental illness. Her goal is “to empower you to achieve health through education”.

Elisha’s articles are widely published throughout alternative media such as The Organic Consumer’s Association and Food Matters TV. She is also a contributor to Green Med Info, Natural Health 365, Natural News and Wake Up World.

You can connect with Elisha at her website: or on her recently added Facebook Page My Health Maven .

Friends of the Earth strives for a more healthy and just world. We understand that the challenges facing our planet call for more than half measures, so we push for the reforms that are needed, not merely the ones that are politically easy. Sometimes, this involves speaking uncomfortable truths to power and demanding more than people think is possible. It's hard work. But the pressures facing our planet and its people are too important for us to compromise.

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Lee Holmes is a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, wholefoods chef and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food: Eat Your Way to Health, Supercharged Food: Eat Yourself Beautiful and Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian.

Lee runs a four week online ‘Heal Your Gut’ program.  She is a columnist with Wellbeing Magazine and her articles have appeared in leading Australian newspapers and journals, as well as The Times and The Daily Express in the UK and The Huffington Post in the US. Lee’s blog won the overall award at the Bupa Health Influencer Awards in 2013 as well as the best blog in the Healthy Eating Category. You can find Lee blogging over at

113 results - showing 101 - 110
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